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Today there are many fitness choices, but our mission remains the same; to provide a friendly, welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that educates and motivates individuals to reach their health and fitness goals.  Our facility is clean, modern and full of friendly advice.  We have the largest selection of group fitness classes in the area and a complete Functional Training Center with TRX Suspension Training, Plyo Boxes, Free Motion Equipment, Kettle Bells and more!  Come see for yourself why our members love spending time at Ultimate Fitness Plus!

Feel better in just one week, get results in less than a month!

What is Functional Movement Training?

Training that takes our whole body through multiple planes, using our bodies as the weight for the training, in the areas of pushing/pulling/lifting/lowering. Training that helps us complete daily tasks, no matter how old or young we are. Examples: Carrying groceries, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, carrying laundry, etc. All of our daily activities require functional movements.

Why is Functional Training becoming so popular?

As more and more people are being educated on how our bodies are supposed to move, people see the long term benefit in Functional Movement Training.

How has Functional Movement Training equipment changed the Fitness Centers of today?

One of the best things about functional training is that all you need is open space and some examples of the equipment are: Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, TRX, Rubber Bands, Tubes, Jam Balls, Rip Cords, Bosu, Plyo Boxes, etc. There is no requirement for Heavy Weights, Benches, Machines, etc. Using your own Body Weight as the catalyst for each exercise is the BEST form of workout.

What Demographics do you feel most benefit from Functional Movement Training?

Functional Movement Training is for every demographic because it enhances the basic movement patterns that we were all born to do. Watch a 2 year old squat down to play with their toys and you can quickly pick up on how our squats should look. Whether it’s sport, work, or chasing grandchildren, functional training prepares us for success.

What is the Best way to integrate a New Client into a Functional Movement Routine?

At Ultimate Fitness Plus, we start by assessing their current movement patterns, utilizing the FMS (Functional Movement Screening) on every New Member in order to help establish a baseline and to address any A-symmetries and muscle imbalances. After this assessment, which takes about 15 minutes, a safe and effective routine is established to increase mobility, strength and endurance. A New routine is written for each Client before every workout.

How do you believe Functional Training will shift in the next 10 years?

Functional Training will continue to grow over the next 10 years. As everyone focuses on training for a healthy lifestyle and to feel better, look better and move better, less and less of the old-school machines will be needed. We must continue to train effectively and get our bodies back to moving like 2-year-olds.


When I started my weight loss and fitness journey 3 1/2 years ago I weighed 246 lbs. I started with Total Solutions and lost 50 lbs in 2 years. I worked out occasionally. The staff at the time really didn’t motivate or encourage me. I got stuck in a rut. I had constant back pain and was on pain medication.

Then Dale and Robin Maxwell bought the gym and my life was forever changed. Dale worked with me on exercises and motivated me. I was still looking for a challenge.

Then they started Small Group Functional Training. It was the challenge I had been looking for. When I first started I was not very coordinated and not very strong. I worked on my balance and am so much better today. I am also much stronger than when I started.

My back is much stronger now and the pain is gone and I do not have to take pain pills anymore. I am doing things today that I would never have dreamt of doing 3 months ago. The trainers, Dale and Lori, are awesome. They encourage you and motivate you. The people in small group also motivate each other and are an awesome bunch. I am 57 years old and we have 70 year olds in class, so you’re never too old to start.

I love a challenge, so every time I go in for class it’s a new and more challenging workout. I do small group 2 x week. I just finished my 33 class and I love it. As far as results, my body has changed and taken on more muscle. We get weighed, measured and BMI is done once a month. Just in the last month I lost 10 lbs of body fat and converted it into lean muscle mass. I can now start doing weight training. My goal is to compete at least one time in bodybuilding.

If you are looking for a challenge from your same old workout routine, then Small Group Functional Training is just the ticket. It has and keeps changing my life



I wanted to email you and tell you that I truly enjoy the small group training sessions. I am on my 14th session and already feel so much better. Before I started I was extremely fatigued everyday, had muscle and joint pain, and lacked motivation. After just 2 short months I have my energy back, less pain, and much more motivation. Im seeing results as well as feeling great. I would strongly reccomend this to everyone. The idea of the small group traning is absolutely fabulous. Not only do you get the same treatment as one on one training, you get the support and motivation form everyone in the group. The trainers are very positive, encouraging and the workouts are challenging. I live in St. Peters and I would rather drive to Troy to be a part of this facility any day over any of the gyms close to me.

I would like to commend you on your staff at Ultimate Fitness Plus! Every person that i have come in contact with has been polite, helpful and upbeat. I think that is very important and your team succeeds by far.

I personally want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued encouragement and commitment you have shown me through my workout sessions, I look forward and enjoy every single one of them. You have been an amazing help to me with my health, self-esteem and strength.

Thank you again for all you do!

Crystal Callaway


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Beginning May 1, 2023, Super 8 is no longer accepting public guest passes for $5. UFP members will have access to use the facility until July 31, 2023. MORE INFO