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Let’s Ride

Body Bar Pump

Body Bar Pump

  • A low impact class that anyone can do. If you can pedal a stationary bike, you can do this class. A great interval workout where you are on the bike for short spurts of cardio and then off for resistance training, on the bike and off.

It’s a Ball

  • This class is a favorite. Using the stability ball for the entire class moving from cardio to resistance to a great stretch. We never put the ball down.

Body Bar Pump

  • Everyone loves this low impact, non-stop class that offers all sculpting using weighted bars. But don’t be fooled by the slow pace; it will keep your heart pumping and calories burning.

Get Fit

Body Bar Pump

Body Bar Pump

  • This is a great class for new members that are wanting into a group class. It is simple to follow and it is the same class all month long so you can master the class. Easy to follow but intensity can be changed throughout the class making it great for everyone. It’s a 3 split format: 1st split cardio, 2nd split weights, and 3rd split is abs and stretch.

Functional Fitness

  • This class is designed to work your body and improve your everyday quality of life. Using movements that stimulate daily activity.

Cardio Kick

  • This high energy fun class is a mix of cardio kickbox, jamming and core work for a fun blast of a class.

1 Minute Interval

Body Bar Class with Laura

  • Every minute is a different element from cardio to strength to balance to agility. Loads of fun and variety. Boredom is no problem in this crazy interval class.

No-Step Cardio

  • This high energy class is cardio on the floor with no use of equipment. It will have you moving, grooving and your heart pumping to high energy music.

Bosu Fusion

  • In this class you are using the bosu balls to move from a cardio segment into a strength segment into a wonderful yoga stretch segment. It flows one into the other so you will all of the sudden realize that you’ve changed. Oh and you will challenge your balance and stability during the entire class (an added bonus).

Step Change Up

Cardio Kickboxing Class with Steven

  • This class is a variety of step, including Step Interval (which is short spurts of cardio step alternating with sculpting or strength exercise), Double Step (a great challenge with two steps), and many other step classes. Risers can be adjusted for intensity. This is a fun way to get a great workout and burn a lot of calories, and great for anyone and everyone!


  • The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba class!

Zumba Toning

Zumba Class with Donna

  • This class is similar to Zumba but with a focus on toning areas of your body with a slower pace.

Body Blast

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