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Jump Start Program

You have made the commitment.  Now let Ultimate Fitness Plus help you keep it!!!

Whether you are a new member or have been a member for years, our Jump Start Program can benefit you.

The Jump Start Program is designed for individuals who either do not know what to do when they come to the gym as well as for those who have been doing the same workout routine since they joined and are ready to change it up.

How it works:

You will meet with one of our personal trainers who will write up a six week workout program for you using the weight machines along with other gym equipment.  Once your program is written, the trainer will spend an hour with you showing you the weight machines, the proper way to do the exercises that have been prescribed for you and explaining what to do when.  After that six weeks, if you choose, you can have another four week program written for you.

The Cost:

Initial 6 Week Program: $50.00
Follow Up 4 Week Program: $25.00


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